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Hannah Fligel LCMHCA, NCC, M.Ed. 

I am so glad you’re considering therapy as the next step toward mental and emotional wellbeing. The guiding principles of my work are compassion, clarity, and connection. In our sessions, you can expect a warm and welcoming space where your experiences are honored. I work with adults 18+ who are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery through personal growth and introspection.


One of my specialties is helping to navigate the beautiful and challenging stages of the perinatal and postpartum periods of life. Becoming a parent and expanding your family is an exciting time and a huge transition! And sometimes, that transition can be overwhelming. It can come with many unexpected changes and challenges, or maybe your parenthood journey doesn’t look the way you hoped. Whether you're moving through the joys or grappling with the complexities, I am here to provide support to folks going through the life stages of conception, pregnancy, postpartum, loss, and infertility.


In relationships, sometimes we look up and realize we've been doing the same dance for too long. Or maybe we’re repeating patterns from our past that we’d rather leave behind. Recognizing the need to learn new ways to do partnership is a courageous first step. I offer a space where you can examine your unique dynamics, address challenges, and rediscover the joy of connection.


I am also passionate about providing therapy for fellow therapists. We walk with others on their journeys every day, but we can’t act as our own guide. Just like our clients, we face unique challenges that we sometimes need help to work through. I firmly believe that the better care we take of ourselves, the better care we can offer our clients.


My goal is to foster a warm and safe environment where you can come exactly as you are. I utilize an eclectic therapeutic approach that will be tailored to fit your individual needs. I am trained in Internal Family Systems, experiential therapy, and trauma-informed processing techniques to help you unpack your experiences and achieve a greater sense of peace. Making a commitment to personal growth and self-reflection is incredibly brave and I am here to accompany you through this hard, but rewarding, work.

Contact Hannah:

Phone: 601-622-4451


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Available for:

  • Telehealth

  • In Person 


Office Location:

   3117 Whiting Ave #209

   Charlotte, NC 28205

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