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Anna Marie Wright MA, LCMHC

I believe in the beauty of healing and growth. We humans are more capable of change than we believe. The challenge is for one to believe in themselves first, before change is attainable.


I have experience with older adults, adults and emerging adults and have experience with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief/loss, major life changes/transitions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and LGBTQI+ issues.


I am very passionate about understanding how your past experiences, especially those that are traumatic, influence your behavior, belief system about self, and your relationships with others.

While I adapt my modality to what my client presents with, I tend to use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which I find effective with most client issues. Of course, I will introduce this to you early on in sessions so that you can understand how it works. I also work with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Inner Child Work.

My objective is to provide a space for my clients to explore what matters to you the most (your values), identify practical ways to create room for these values, and to learn the art and beauty of acceptance, self-compassion, and nurturing one’s inner child. My goal is to be present with you and I look forward to working with you on your journey.

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Available for:

  • Telehealth

  • In Person 


Office Location:

5200 Park Rd Suite 225e, Charlotte, NC 28209

Office Location

Contact Anna Marie

Phone: 704-770-6885


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