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Thomasina Burrows • MA, LCMHC-S

I have extensive experience working with individuals, children/students, and families experiencing mental health illness, dealing with conflicts in relationships, managing social and emotional stress, and needing assistance navigating the educational system. I look forward to working with you to help you identify the issues that impact your life. I practice a holistic approach, which incorporates wellness within the mind, body, and being. Our collaboration will occur in a safe and caring environment, designed to help you reach the goals that will empower you, and enhance your life.

Clinical Supervision:

As a clinical supervisor, I work with supervisee to develop clinical skills in a safe and supportive environment. The supervision environment will enhance your counseling skills, address accountability, provide protection for clients, and will be reflective.

I believe everyone can obtain and live in a state of wellness.

Consequently, there are times within our lives when we face issues that may impede the quality of life.

My philosophy is, “when we listen to the issues in our lives and address the manifestation the healing process will begin." - Thomasina Burrows


Contact Thomasina: 

Phone: (704) 751-7116


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